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Catalog » AKAR HOLSTERS » Kydex-polimer holster » Polymer locked holster
Polymer locked holster
Polymer locked holster
Polymer locked holster
Polymer locked holster
Polymer locked holster
Polymer locked holster
Modelno.: AKR-P 1004
59,95 EUR
(incl. 19% Tax excl. shipping)
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Polymer locked holster

Gun case; It is produced with the Rail Lock System, which easily locks your gun when you attach it to the sheath and can quickly pull your gun if necessary.

Thanks to its specially designed spring system, the lock mechanism ensures that your weapon remains safe.

You can rotate the gun holster 360 degrees by loosening the standard star screw in the waist bracket.

The ergonomically designed waist apparatus allows you to reduce the weight of your gun and to carry your gun comfortably throughout the day.

Glock 19 -17 (only for right hand)

Canik Tp9 Series is compatible with all models. (Except TP9 V1 and V2.)

The original and native design lock system allows you to carry your gun safely and easily when you need it.

The robust and ergonomic polymer structure provides light weight and comfortable operation.


























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